Our Purpose, Mission, and Vision

Structured Support LLC is a therapeutic practice and consultancy specializing in individual, family, and organizational development. Our social interactions are guided by patterns that form unconscious behavior, while the social environment influences our emotional development. Exploring this interaction will bring about transformation and growth, creating an opportunity to unlock our purpose, enhance our connections, increase our sense of safety, and unleash our flow of energy and life force.

A structural therapeutic model focuses on a systemic assessment of what constrains human growth and potential. It addresses problems in our interaction with the social environment, including relationships between individuals, families, and peers, at work and school, and within communities.

Why a structural approach? Because will-power and talk therapy are not sustainable. They often provide short-term solutions, rather than strategies that help us resolve conflicts and keep us from resuming old patterns of behavior.

My mission is to help each individual, family, and organization understand factors that constrain development and growth, and design strategies to facilitate real, lasting change. It is my vision to support personal development and growth so you can connect to life's purpose.

Matthew A. Brandmeyer, LMSW, MLAC is a somatic experiencing therapist focused working with developmental trauma.  
Matthew specializes in the systemic impact trauma causes in individuals and families, such as: addiction, learning disabilities, PTSD, and adverse health outcomes.      
Matthew has completed the Somatic Experiencing Practitioner requirements in 2018.  Somatic Experiencing therapy is an emerging therapy in the field of trauma and helps facilitate resolution of trauma through a bodily based experiential approach.  The treatment model was developed by Dr. Peter Levine.
Matthew is passionate about developing restorative efficacy-based models that help families heal and remain intact.