Transforming the wound

  • Commonly Diagnosed Disorders Rooted in Developmental Trauma:

    • ADHD / ADD, Mood, Anxiety, bi-polar, addiction

    • Head Trauma, Medical Procedures

A diagnosis such as this during critical stages of childhood can have profound impact on social emotional development as well as family relationships. These diagnosis can also be transformed into gifts of emotional awareness! The response of our family, educators, and community at large can have a profound impact on outcomes.

Sometimes children silently confuse a diagnosis to mean“something’s wrong with me” 

This message is often internalized and impacts silent patterns in our physiological, limbic brain, and autonomic nervous system. 

After working with clinical patterns of addiction I’ve focused on understanding what factors contribute to these chronic patterns. Developmental trauma is a diagnosis with more efficacy, and restorative treatment method that emphasis our sensory response to stimulus vs. cognition. These patterns are often unspoken for those suffering, making the job of a parent/caregiver very difficult and confusing.

Developmental trauma isn’t in the DSM-5 but you will find extensive research and literature on the symptoms in medical journals and from trauma experts in the field.  

If you are a parent of a child with a mental health diagnosis and you want better ways to treat and work with these symptoms your invited to participate in 2 day workshop focused on understanding the fundamentals of the body and trauma, equine-assisted learning, and gateways to transforming the way you respond to a child struggling with these symptoms.  

When: September 12 and 13

Cost: $500

What to expect:

  • The 2 day intensive will focus on a 3-4 hour interactive learning discussion on research and treatment methods to work with developmental trauma. In the afternood we will ventruto work with equine therapst to explore our pattern.

  • will consist of


It all started when…

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